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Dear Diary

“Dear Diary…” is an ongoing reflection on my life in Denmark away from home.#statenskunstfond #kunstfonden #danishartsfoundation #deardiary

Milkshake Bar

After 8 years of making I’m so glad to present a short film (soon to become animated series) for kids and their parents “Milkshake bar”. It is a cozy animated story about 3 best friends and their different families: clumsy bear Mikas, who lives with his always busy mother (an editor of a popular “Animals” …

Animation in Print

Lithuanian Animation Now magazine design and illustrated by me. Dedicated to Lithuanian animation from 1909 to 2012, vol 1. Very proud of the amazing spinning optical illusion cover! Lithuanian Films stand at Annecy Animation film festival 2013 Lithuanian Animation ABC cards Lithuanian Animation and Video Games (link) magazine published by Lithuanian Film Centre, designed and …

Art exhibitions

Personal and group painting exhibitions. Group painting exhibition “13 auditorium” at “Arka” Gallery in Vilnius Lithuania, 2003 Plein air painting exhibition in Nida, Lithuania, 2005 Solo painting exhibition at “Rūdninkai Bookstore” in Vilnius, Lithuania 2010 Group exhibition “Auditorium nr. 13 after 8 years” at “Justinas Vienožinskis” Art School in Vilnius, Lithuania 2011